This online shop is hosted by Gustami, when excellence rhymes with innovation.

Valentina Cubi and Giovanni Tinti, founder of Gustami, have a lot in common: passion for wine, reliability and desire to do well.

Two “wine artisan” companies, oriented towards quality and excellence.

Together they promote the culture of organic farming and the philosophy of producing natural wines.

Thanks to this collaboration we have created a service to support their respective customers online, serious and punctual, made of selection, wine culture and precision.

Once again, tradition and wine culture rhyme with innovation. 

Our wines express the authentic spirit of Valpolicella

Our wines all have their own name dedicated to the Valpolicella area and its history, and each one has a specific character.

Wine Artisans with a vocation for excellence

A great wine does not born in the cellar, but in the vineyard.
It is from this concept that all the vinification of Valentina Cubi starts.
Our wines all have their own name dedicated to the Valpolicella territory and its history, and each one has a precise character.

The history of our winery begins in Valpolicella, where Valentina and Giancarlo grew up and met.

Giancarlo comes from a family of winemakers from the nineteenth century, while Valentina became passionate about the wine world after meeting her husband. In 1969 the couple decided to invest their savings in Fumane, buying the 7 hectares of the current 10, located in important cru such as Monte Tenda, Monte Crosetta and Rasso. These vineyards are the most important heritage of the company, to which only biological agronomic techniques are applied. The organic certification has been strongly felt and wanted by Valentina, besides being a real philosophy of the whole family.

The goal is to get in tune with nature and leave future generations a better, healthier and still able to give great satisfaction.

Organic Wine by tradition, a responsible choice thinking about future

The organic approach begins the first experiments in a vineyard on the outskirts of the city of Verona and extends in a short time to the entire estate.
The organic substance is one of the fundamental constituents of the soil; unfortunately, in recent years, the indiscriminate use of inorganic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, accompanied by an inadequate reintegration, have led to a widespread decrease in the humus content in soils, particularly in the Po Valley, creating situations on the verge of desertification.

We consider ourselves wine artisans. We produce wines only with our grapes, harvested strictly by hand by a team of trusted collaborators trained to select the perfect bunches, the only ones that will become wine.

During fermentation in the cellar there is an intoxicating scent of wine, fresh fruit and flowers. It is the time of year that gives us the most emotion and that we want to share with those who love our products and our cellar. The welcome and sharing are fundamental values, as well as the propensity for excellence.  We embrace a qualitative and never commercial protocol, analyzing and tasting the wines to decide when to put them on the market, according to careful and numerous evaluations.

A meticulous work that guarantees the result to the palate of consumers.


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